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Board Room table - Ted Baker, UK HQ
When fashion house Ted Baked wanted a new table for their board room they commissioned an exclusive design which resulted in a design for a large oval table with polished stainless steel legs supporting a double layer of glass that is held in place by a stepped wooden ring. In-between the two layers of glass are hundreds of reels of cotton.

The company commissioned to bring the design to life contacted S P Polishing to polish and finish the large wooden ring.

Once the finish had been applied and polished to the highest standard the wooden ring was collected, cotton reels sandwiched between the tow glass layers and transported to Ted Baker's London HQ.

Because of its size, the only way to get the table in to their Board Room was through the window and this meant that the road had to be closed and a crane used to.

The pictures below show the finished table in place in the Ted Baker Board room.

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Close up of the legs of the Ted Baker table Close up of the Ted Baker table Getting ready to remove the table The table and the crane The Ted Baker boardroom table restored by SP Polishing The Ted Baker boardroom table restored by SP Polishing The Ted Baker boardroom table restored by SP Polishing

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